Thursday 2 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months : Hugs and Kisses Book

Part of the #Write31Days series in October. 

This is a series of book categories for picture books in the first 24 months.

I strongly believe that any book that you introduce your child to in the first 24 months will work, if not on the first read, on repeated reads it surely will. But there are some that you just can't go wrong with. It is guarenteed to be a success , sometimes even in the first read. You just get lucky, if you happen to do these books with them. This series is to list such categories that we @ The Bubble Ink household think are sure hits and the ones we have loved in that series.

Hugs and Kisses.

Books with hugs and kisses work from Day 0. Hug is something a baby as young as a few hours will respond to. Hugs and kisses are special always and if they come along with picture books, they sure a win-win combination.

Advantages of books based on Hugs and Kisses are 

1. They feature baby faces - sometimes mumma-papa-baby characters which a child loves seeing.
2. They offer a lot of opportunity to  hug and kiss your little ones.

Our picks in this category

1. Huggy Kissy : Leslie Particelli - Featuring the one-haired baby of Particelli fame, this book has pictures of the baby hugging and kissing all members of the family , even the dog and the fishie.
This is one of the first books bought at the Bubble Ink house hold and the bubbling took to it immediately. 
It is a bubbling full five . Check our review here.

2. Counting Kisses - Karen Katz - Aptly called "Kiss and Read" book, a perfect book for read before sleep time. The book has each member of the family taking turns to kiss the baby on each body part by couting from 10 to 1 last kiss on the baby's sleepy , dreamy head.


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