Tuesday 7 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months : Momma Child Books

Part of the #Write31Days series in October.
This is a series of book categories for picture books in the first 24 months.
Our next category is Momma-Child book.

Well, if we talking about babies, they bond most instantly with the mum. Mum's kiss, hug, cuddle - well yes, mum's the word at that age. So can a picture book featuring momma and baby go wrong.

One momma-child book is a must own in your child's first library and there are so many beautiful books out there - written and illustration just as beautiful as the mother's love for the baby.

Our picks for the first 24 months in this category

1. The Runaway Bunny - Margaret Wise Brown : The story line is about a baby bunny which wants to run away from the momma and how the momma answers back on the forms she will take to be with the bunny, to protect the bunny - come what may. Doesn't it say it all? Till the baby reaches the stage to really get the story line and be touched by it, this book serves as a beautifully illustrated one to just watch the pictures - with alternate black and white illustrations - It is an treat to the eye. Later on, a game of identify the baby bunny who disguises himself among plants in the garden, snow in the mountain and a fish in the pond is a sheer pleasure with a young child. When you a growing reader, the re-read will guarantee touchy, cuddly and may be even teary eyed moments.
Our detailed review here.

2. A Bit Lost : Chris Haughton : Another beautifully illustrated, simple with repeated text book which is a story of a baby owl who falls off a nest and goes around describing his mother. A squirrel helps find the mother with all the identifications like big, pointy ears and big eyes.
The book can be fully picture read by a child who doesn't even know alphabets. Such is the effect of the subject in the book, repeated text and power of illustrations



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